About Us

Why We Stand Out

At Bridger we build disruptive and sustainable businesses by offering tailored business support & advisory services to scale startups/ SMEs,while providing access to quality  deal pipeline for investors.

Team of experts

We have built a consortium of best in market advisors passionate about showcasing  Africa’s potential to the world. They take best practices to startups, SMEs in order to create a level playfield  especially when it comes to access to funding and resources.

Tailored Business Support

We believe businesses are dynamic and  blanket solutions might not necessarily work. We deliver bespoke support to our clients that will speak to their specific needs.

Market Reach

We have access to experts and partners in 7 countries in Africa.

Why do businesses fail?

There are many reasons why startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may fail like:

[ 01 ]

Lack of market research: Failing to properly research the target market, competitors, and customer needs can lead to a lack of demand for the product or service being offered.

[ 02 ]

Poor financial management: Many startups and SMEs fail due to a lack of financial planning and management, including improper budgeting, inadequate cash flow management, and poor financial decision-making.

[ 03 ]

Inadequate marketing: A lack of effective marketing and brand building can result in a failure to attract and retain customers.

[ 04 ]

Lack of experience: Inexperience in business management and operations can lead to poor decision-making & mismanagement of resources.

[ 05 ]

Underestimating competition: Failing to properly assess and understand the competitive landscape can lead to intense competition and difficulty standing out in the market.

[ 06 ]

Lack of focus: Trying to do too much too soon, or spreading resources too thin, can result in a lack of focus and ineffective execution.

[ 07 ]

Poor product-market fit: Failing to properly match the product or service to the target market can result in a lack of demand and customer engagement.

[ 08 ]

Insufficient funding: A lack of adequate funding, including both debt and equity financing, can limit the ability of the business to grow and scale effectively.

[ 09 ]

No clear differentiating factor: Failing to establish a clear and distinct value proposition can result in difficulty attracting and retaining customers.